February 24, 2008

When I picked this up I thought it looked oddly like a Power Thirst commercial gone horribly wrong. It looked like it was going to make my testicles explode upon first bite, which is not a good thing. The freaking gum pieces are disturbingly large, three times the size of a Chiclet or a piece of Dentyne. I was prepared for the worst, what I got was not far from it.

The gum starts out delicious and minty, but after a terribly short ten minutes, it tastes like raw coffee beans in that “Wow, I didn’t know things could be this bitter.” kinda way. Points deducted. I guess the company didn’t lie to me by saying “WILD NEW TASTE!”. I don’t know that I feel any more energetic now, but apparently two pieces (recommended serving size) has as much caffeine as 8 oz. of energy drink (I’d rather have the drink) or one cup of coffee. If you have something to wash the bitterness down with, and you really need caffeine, you might wanna try it. Other than that, no way I’m buying this again, except maybe to shock a friend. 6/10


Super Amazing Gundam Knock-off Fun Tiem!1!

February 23, 2008

Gundam has some pretty sweet looking robots so who wouldn’t want to copy them. I mean, they’re Japanese robots with guns and swords, there’s not much stuff in the world that’s cooler than that. Except Ninja Gundams….. But anyway.

So we saw these two Gundam knock-offs at Big Lots called SUPERDUTY HERO. I was excited, they looked silly and cheap and knock-offy.gundamknockoff1 gundamknockoff2So we got both of them at $5 each which was way too much. You’ll see why. We got them in the car and opened them and almost immediately, I kid you not, the right hand (the only one that could hold weapons) broke off completely. On both of them! So there goes most of the fun. But what was scarier was that they felt almost as light as a few paper clips. I was incredibly disturbed seeing as how we’d just spent $10 on them, and there was hardly anything there. Kudos to the company that made these though for tricking us into actually buying them. Dirty commies.

I don’t know much about Gundam but I’m pretty sure these are direct replicas of characters from the show, judge for yourself. The big weapons which look like a funky sniper rifle and a gatling gun don’t fit in any part of them but hey, free plastic guns!gundamknockoff3 gundamknockoff4They have holes in them like sound is supposed to come out of them and the gatling gun has like, LED things on it but I couldn’t find any place to open them to put batteries or anything of the like in them, which was very sad. All in all I got ripped off but I’m not gonna waste gas returning them. Oh and every part of them pretty much breaks off at the slightest amount of pressure so they’re not even good to play with. 4/10

I hope you enjoyed this review and learned something. That something probably sounds like, “If it looks like it’s a cheap piece of crap, it probably is.”. Drop a comment plz.