When I picked this up I thought it looked oddly like a Power Thirst commercial gone horribly wrong. It looked like it was going to make my testicles explode upon first bite, which is not a good thing. The freaking gum pieces are disturbingly large, three times the size of a Chiclet or a piece of Dentyne. I was prepared for the worst, what I got was not far from it.

The gum starts out delicious and minty, but after a terribly short ten minutes, it tastes like raw coffee beans in that “Wow, I didn’t know things could be this bitter.” kinda way. Points deducted. I guess the company didn’t lie to me by saying “WILD NEW TASTE!”. I don’t know that I feel any more energetic now, but apparently two pieces (recommended serving size) has as much caffeine as 8 oz. of energy drink (I’d rather have the drink) or one cup of coffee. If you have something to wash the bitterness down with, and you really need caffeine, you might wanna try it. Other than that, no way I’m buying this again, except maybe to shock a friend. 6/10



  1. lucas says:

    you are absolutely right. I picked up two of these things (spearmint and peppermint) from the store. It’s got to be the worst gum on the planet ! Not only are the pieces monster large, each piece of gum is almost as hard as a rock to chew. My only concern now is how I’m gonna get rid of the second pack and what’s left of the first. Please STAY AWAY from this gum if u run into it. You’re better off eating raw coffee beans…at least you know what to expect with those.

  2. Julie says:

    I bought three packs of the spearmint last night (at the dollar store / 3 for a buck) and am chewing my second piece right now. I chewed the first piece for about 15-20 minutes about an hour ago. My 5 year old woke me up at 5:30 after less than 5 hours of sleep and I think the gum is making a difference. That said I don”t drink coffee or energy drinks, but just Cherry Coke or Dr Pepper when I’m tired. I didn”t find the flavor that bad, but then I was not concentrating on the flavor either because I wasn’t chewing it for pleasure. As to the size, they are large, but I normally chew two pieces of gum, so the larger size pieces were actually good for me. I don”t know if I”d stock up on them if they were $3 a pack, but at 33 cents a pack I”m going to be taking a 10 month supply with me back to Germany. They are easy to transport and won”t cause the pain to my knees that the phosporic acid in colas does. All in all I”d recommend this product.

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